Novelty Manufacturing Co.

Since 1922

Original patent drawing of a tin torch


William D. Winger’s patent drawing of a high-quality tin torch

Tin match safe


A primitive tin match safe. The safe would hang on a wall near a home’s wood-burning fireplace or cookstove to keep matches nearby.

Newspaper article about William D. Winger


Official Pennsylvania document recognizing the Novelty Manufacturing Co. name


W. Carl Winger officially registers the name Novelty Manufacturing Co.

Original cone-shaped metal cemetery vase


Novelty’s original cone-shaped metal memorial vase paved the way for a future in floral and gardening products.

Novelty Mfg. workers on break


Novelty Mfg. metal workers take a break outside the factory.

Patent drawing of metal memorial base


Carl Winger’s patent drawing with the metal memorial cemetery vase

Photograph of Bill Winger during his service in the U.S. Army Air Corps during World War 2


Bill Winger served in the U.S. Army Air Corps. during WWII.

Novelty's original metal flower boxes


Novelty’s original enameled metal flower boxes were offered in six different lengths, between 12-36 inches.

Document highlighting introduction of flower box railing brackets

1960s & 1970s

Railing brackets are introduced to complement Novelty’s popular metal flower boxes.

Photos of the warehouse fire


A warehouse fire causes Novelty to relocate their headquarters.

Obituary for W. Carl Winger


Despite the initial start-up of The Novelty Manufacturing Company in 1911 by Carl’s father, it was Carl Winger who registered, incorporated, and continued growing his family’s business from 1922 onward.

Brochures and documents promoting the Home'n Garden brand


As the decades passed, the name “Novelty” didn’t resonate with consumers anymore. The “Home’n Garden” brand targeted the end-user for Novelty’s entire product line.

Photograph of Bill Jr., his son Timothy Winger, and Tim's sister Melinda Winger next to company sign

Early 1990s

Melinda Winger develops the company’s ever-popular Countryside line of planters with her father, Bill.

Aerial view of Novelty's headquarters


The Loop Road location is still Novelty’s headquarters today.

Novelty's first homepage from 1997


Novelty joins the worldwide web!

Joe DiMeo and Mark Bolt


Novelty’s new owners: Mark Bolt (Vice President) and Joe DiMeo (President)

ArtStone catalog collection


Importing begins with high-end metal planters and Artstone planters. Artstone planters are made from a blend of high-grade resin and pulverized stone, providing the upscale appearance of ceramic or concrete, but with the durability of plastic.

Woman gardner promoting the EarthBox container gardening system


The EarthBox® container gardening system grows a variety of annual vegetables, flowers, herbs, and greens.

A STUCK mosquito trap on a kitchen countertop


Novelty enters into the pest control industry with a new non-toxic device for trapping mosquitoes.

Root & Vessel logo on top of succulents


Novelty introduces Root & Vessel® —a consumer-friendly brand name—for its many lines of decorative planters, gardening accessories, and décor.

Novelty Manufacturing 100th anniversary logo


Happy 100th Birthday, Novelty Manufacturing!

Lancaster Home Products logo


Novelty creates Lancaster Home Products—a home improvement products brand.